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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bij de Buren!!!!!

Did you understand what the title of this post is? Neither did I (at least not very well) till this afternoon. I received a package that was at the post office since it was too big to fit in my mailbox. The postman tried to deliver it and since there was nobody home, (s)he (??) left a little note to inform me of this yesterday. Today (s)he left another one which I did not bother to read because; 1. it was too much strain to understand the dutch and 2. i figured since it looked exactly the same as the first one it must be bringing the same message. Normally the post closes at 18h00. So when I got home at 17h45 I figured I better ride quickly to the post and pick it up. Just before I left, I looked at the second note and the place where my house number was supposed to be said '16' instead of '24'... "strange....? Did I get the neighbour's note?", I was thinking to myself. "Anyway to hell with it! I have a very short time left and if I don't rush I shall find the post closed." So off I went at full speed burning what little calories I had left at the end of the day.

At the post office the lady asks for the second note and points to it saying over and over again "bij de buren... bij de buren". And this was one of those "aaaaahhhhh" moments for me only this time in a bad way... as in "aaahhhhh 'buren' means 'neighbour'.." the bloody package was at the neighbours house!!! I had ridden all the way for nothing except to add an extra word to my dutch vocabulary.


At Wed Jul 11, 03:56:00 AM, Blogger Benon Muwonge said...

very funny :-)


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