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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

KiloBYTES per second (kbps) ..? hhuuuhhhh?

I just read through the Monitor edition of today (18th May 2006) and there is an interview with the product development manager at Uganda Telecom Ltd. He is talking about introducting broadband to the Ugandan Market. It is not very clear what exactly is being introduced at this point because at one point he is talking about ADSL and at another point he is talking about hotspots. My attention was really put on high alert when reading through the article and noticed that he was talking about the data rates of the connections... he mentioned that the speeds would be 128 kiloBYTES per second (kbps).. I am not too sure what a product manager is supposed to know but I should hope that he knows the difference between to two lest the company get sued for advertising a product that they are not capable of providing. But this is the same story everyday... people who do not really know what they are doing running their mouths off and confusing the rest who know a little less about Information Technology... sad! :(


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