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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Uganda's Animal Farm.. More Inspiration for Orwell!

According to this story (http://www.monitor.co.ug/news/news04264.php) in the Monitor, the Members of Parliament had their salaries delayed this month and they are up in arms! They have been quoted as saying it is "an issue of national importance". By all means!! It is an issue of national importance that anybody's salary gets delayed by one month.... or maybe three months... what about those who are simply cheated out of their salaries and fired without pay!

I guess it is animal farm.... some humans really are more equal than others. I have heard of policemen and soldiers, (who salaries I consider as an issue of NATIONAL IMPORTANCE) who do not receive pay for six months. THese are people who are given a one bedroom apartment regardless of the size of family and are supposed to keep us safe. How motivated am I to keep somebody else safe when the same person does not pay me for six months, expects me to walk 10km to work everyday and still smile and reject an offer of 5,000/= from a driver who was overspeeding.... The law is likely to become very bendable under these circumstances!


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